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Dragoon Casting Set


This set compises of the steel lock parts and the brass furniture for the Dragoon pistol kit
All parts are exactly as that of the kit, but no barrel, stock, box etc. Just the bare bones castings.
The screw set however IS supplied with the parts, so as to assist build and assembly.
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Gunguard Brass and Bronze Browning Solution

Gunguard Brass and Bronze Browning Solution


For colouring brass or bronze to a brown patina, fast acting.
100ml Not available outside mainland UK
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Gunguard Degreasing Liquid

Gunguard Degreasing Liquid


A must when preparing items for treatment.
When Browning or Blueing, degreasing is probably the most important process you will undertake, This product assists in the removal of unwanted grease and other deposits that can prohibit the correct colouring of steel barrels and parts.
120ml Not available outside mainland UK

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Gunguard Slow Brown Solution

Gunguard Slow Brown Solution


A superb browning solution, formulated for use on Damascus, however also suitable on non twist barrels.
Please allow approximately 3-8 days for desired finish.
100ml Not available outside mainland UK
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Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid


Givesa non-streaky, even, blue-black finish to steel.
Not available outside mainland UK
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Parker Hale G96 Gun Blue Creme

Parker Hale G96 Gun Blue Creme


A fast acting blue paste
85gms Not available outside mainland UK
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Gun Lock Parts and Furniture Fittings (including castings)

This section includes parts generally accepted as being 'fixed' to the gun, and consist of castings and fabricated items.
Probably the largest and most certainly the highest quality range of Lock and Furniture castings available to the Restorer, Enthusiast and Collector. All manufactured in the Foundry of E.J. Blackley and Son.

Our on-line display does not at present represent our true volume and choice of goods. However we are continually updating.

Chemicals and Compounds

From Birchwood Casey to our own Gunuard range of quality solutions and compounds

Pistol Kits

A range of the most authentic Pistol Kits available. Offering unrivalled authenticity, manufactured in our own workshops and Foundry from the highest quality materials available. Including our latest 'Key Pistol Kit'


A selection of materials for the workshop, including spring steel, steel and brass rod or strip, cast yellow brass, Gun Flints and Woods including English Walnut

Tools and Accesories (Including workshop)

Ramrods and component parts, Loading tools, Turnscrews, Nipple keys etc, all manufactured by E.J. Blackley and Son. Also Checkering tools by Dembart.

Ramrod and Loading

Ramrods and the component parts, Loading tools etc. (relocated)

Cross Bow and Stone  Bow Parts

Parts pertaining to cross and stone bows

Edge Weapon Parts

Sword and knife parts in various materials.

Bespoke Casting, Machining and Fabrication

Casting, machining or fabrication to a customers specification.
Please enquire

Items relating to other trades and interests

Through the course of the last 40 years we have been active in a variety of applications relating to different trades and interests.
Although many are classified as confidential and will remain so as initialy agreed with the client. There are also some that we have rights or permissions to market.
On occassions we will add these to the various categories.

Send for our Catalogue

Our paper back catalogue and price list.
Please note that the catalogue does not contain all of our products presently available.
It offers many of the main Lock parts, Tools and Workshop, Pistol kits and accessories.
There is no furniture shown.

It illustrates approximately half of the main lock parts we presently manufacture, however all are illustrated at 1:1 scale.
Our updated website will be coming soon, with it will be the full complement of parts we offer.

Restoration Services

Specialists in reconversions back to flint, also all types of restoration undertaken in our own well-equipped workshops.